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With the addition of technological advancements, the chances of their misuse are greater than ever before. Long gone are the days, when you could easily fix your set of lock and keys with a pair of screws and a bold screwdriver without the presence of a professional. Technology seems to have given us a breakthrough in various ways to enhance our security. However, such complicated technology requires a professional in cases of sudden lockouts or lock-ins. Call Capitol Heights Locksmith Service if you need a locksmith in Capitol Heights, MD. We are experienced in assisting you with all kinds of lock and key issues and have a team of experts who’ve received great training for delivering a range of locksmith services. Over a decade of being in this business has taught us to be reliable and react quickly in emergency situations. We are adept at taking care of broken locks, replacing keys, key creation, rekeying of locks and are the most trusted locksmith in Capitol Heights MD.

Our prices are fairly cheaper than other locksmiths in the region. Our team works with an assurance of providing valued quality services. Call us on 301-242-9830 for a quick chat to discuss your lock and security concerns.

About us:

We started with locksmith services in Capitol Heights, MD when the market for these services was oversaturated. We got opportunities from the recommendations of our existing customers based on the service we provided to them. Customers choose us over other businesses because their value for money has always been our primary concern. Today, Capitol Heights Locksmith Service is a leading locksmith service provider to various commercial and residential customers. Our services are not only limited to creation, duplication of keys or lock repairs. We provide a wide range of services including the installation of an entire home or office security system and use the latest tools and technology while we’re at it.

Our recruitment department goes the extra length to hire the best in the business. Being the no. 1 commercial locksmith in Capitol Heights, MD, we recruit the best individuals and train them to polish their skill set. Apart from technical expertise, our team of individuals are also trained in soft skills. They know how to address customer concerns, how to guide the customers in choosing the best option from the recommendation of security systems that we provide and more. All of this is done keeping our customers’ budgets in mind.

We have developed into a leading locksmith in Maryland due to our work techniques and flexible plans. We do not levy a surcharge on our customers for calling us in the middle of the night. Our services run round the clock at 301-242-9830, all around the year, thus making us the most sought-after locksmithing firm in the region.

Our USP:

When we talk about what’s unique about the services it has to be our affordable prices. At Capitol Heights Locksmith Service we have built an environment where our operations run throughout the day and night, serving you with all kinds of locksmith needs. The role of a locksmith is not only to assist you during standard hours but to just be a call away any time. Our team of professionals reaches the location within 20 minutes of you calling us. Thanks to our prompt and reliable service, our name as a locksmith in Capitol Heights MD has flourished majorly through word of mouth of our commercial and residential customers.

24/7 Availability:

People often get locked out of their cars or forget the combination of their lockers. Luckily for such people we are always available. Call us for a quick solution. In such situations, only a trained expert can assist you immediately. Our mobile vans are scattered around the city with a team of well-trained professionals at the helm. As soon as we receive a distress call, be it anywhere in Capitol Heights, MD, our team is dispatched and arrives on location within 15-20 minutes. Our on-the-spot services are well designed with expert technicians who are equipped with smart tools and technology to resolve the problem then and there.

Mobile Locksmith Service:

Capitol Heights Locksmith Service is a trustworthy brand that provides locksmith services and operates a fleet of mobile vans in and around Maryland. You can risk your life waiting for help in a stranded locality or pushing your car to the nearest mechanic or you can get in touch with the best in the locksmith business for quick relief. When you call us in case of a lockout, a team of experts rush to the spot and get your cars or vans unlocked for you. Be it key cutting or lock repair, no matter why you call us, where or when, we come to your doorstep within 20 minutes anywhere in Capitol Heights MD. Choose us and feel the difference!


We provide the following locksmith services in and around Capitol Heights MD:

Automotive locksmith services:

From lockout assistance to duplicating transponder keys and installation of advanced lock and key system, replacements of old locks with new features, we do it all. If you face any situation related to your car’s locks and keys, call us at 301-242-9830. We are the first to reach the spot in no time with a team of expert professionals at you r service. Our services run 24/7 anywhere in Capitol Heights MD. Be it day or night, we are always ready to face the challenge and take on your concern to arrive at a prompt resolution.

We Provide Locksmith in the following zip codes.

20731, 20743, 20790, 20791, 20799, 20753